What does the Werelboom foundation do?

The dutch Worldtree foundation ( in Dutch language: Wereldboom) is established in 2009 and aims to establish trees not only in the Netherlands and Belgium but throughout Europe

Wereldboom is committed to let trees become ancient again

For this purpose we shape the growth sites of the trees in a way that they can grow freely to the old veteran trees that we now only know from fairy tales, stories and other countries.

A (neighborhood) association or organization plays a crucial connecting role between the tree and society.

How does this work?

What is a Wereldboom?

A Wereldboom is a tree that has all characteristics to become ancient. A tree that is ancient, has been given the chance to grow further after its mature phase. A tree that can go through all of its phases of life will get the time to reduce its mature crown and form a new crown to start his veterane phase. That veterane phase often lasts much longer than its mature phase.

However, a Wereldboom is more than that. A Wereldboom connects the people around itself. Because of its often already decent age, the Wereldboom is a beacon within its community

Logo and vision of the Wereldboom foundation

Who are we doing that for?

For you and your children, grandchildren, great-grand… and so forth. And yes: of course also for the trees and the plants and animals around it.

Because trees have been the center of a community for centuries, we want to restore that. If a neighborhood, association or a group of enthusiastic people wants to commit to a tree in the area, we are happy to help with that!

A Wereldboom can be the center of an event or party, which used to be like that with ancient trees. Luckily we also like a nice festival. Therefore, we have a lot of inspiring ideas that we would like to share with you.

What can we do for your festival?

Who does that?

The Wereldboom foundation relies on many volunteers, including many professional tree managers. Their specific knowledge and experience is indispensable in supporting the trees to become ancient. We also rely on a lot of people with a completely different background who make an important contribution. Thanks to them we can keep our administration in order, are visible on the internet, have access to beautiful photo and video material and are able to do all those other necessary tasks.

But… we’re not doing it alone. There is also enough to do for a Wereldboom community (Neighborhood association of other organization).  One can think of lending a hand in caring for the tree or by doing historical research into the growth site.

The Wereldboom community is the bridge between the tree and its human environment. The link between the past, present and the future. Under a Wereldboom, people can celebrate, come together or organize activities. Enough to do for an active and lively group of local stakeholders.

Do you want to help too?

‘Anne Frank’ tree

A special story

Although the tree that Anne Frank saw from the ‘Achterhuis’ unfortunately has been blown away, it still lives on in a large number of descendants.

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