An impressive oak, which we had never dared to dream of, as a source of inspiration

In 2007, the first ideas broke out when professional colleagues settled on a tree trip in Fredville Park in the town of Nonington. It was not a quick visit but a longer stay, with an overnight stay at the tree. Because of this, there was the possibility to really let the life processes of a tree of at least 500 years stick and to make contact with the animals for which this tree is their home. This tree with the impressive foot of 18.40 meters circumference, has been the inspiration and has stood model for the logo.

A logo is not a logo

A logo is often only stylized text. With the Wereldboom logo this is not only a drawing, but in every detail a thought is incorporated into an image. We would like to share the contents of this logo with you.

We invite you to first look carefully yourself before you read on.
What do you discover already?

  • Be surprised by the hidden meanings in the logo
  • The logo was there before the name of the Wereldboom/Worldtree Foundation.
  • Look again at a somewhat larger distance through the slits of your eyes to the crown …
  • Everything is present to which the foundation owes its name
  • If you have not discovered it yet … do not worry … hardly anyone sees it immediately
  • Move a bit further away and … suddenly as in a hologram … you see in the crown
The crown of the tree
England comes into the picture and on the other side, bottom right, New Zealand …

And yes, at the bottom left of the trunk you look through our globe and you see the contours of South America … with the extreme southern point on the head of the dancing man.

Our dream is that for each person on earth a World Tree can be reached. A tree that can fully develop or has been developed in the cycle of life. In this way, together with the space where this tree stands, they form a place of harmony that fits that spot on earth. A place where we can recharge people, come to ourselves in a paradise of Biodiversity. And yes … this is possible in the center of a town and village … In Belgium, a cow owl is breeding in the hollow trunk. In the ‘Linde von Heede’ in Germany, the cavepigeon and nuthatch breed and dozens of Lime-ponytail caterpillars feed on the leaves, and pupate in the rotting wood in the middle of the trunk.

The Lemniscate
The Lemniscate, symbol of eternal life and the interaction of opposing forces.This is hidden in the spins in the trunk and the shapes of the arms of the crown.

The lemniscate refers to the law of cause and effect. We have really forgotten that a tree has the potential to be immortal. It is also becoming increasingly known that a tree can not really be seen as an individual. Scientifically it has been established that trees work together, feed each other, and that even the immense wound can grow close to a cut-off tree.

In the foreground the overgrown stalk of a tree that has been cut down. With Peter Wohlleben in the background.

Peter Wohlleben shows this in a Douglas fir that has fallen to the ground and of which the wound is completely closed on energy supplied by the neighbor tree. The ultimate proof that it is possible that the root system of a felled tree is completely taken over by the neighboring tree, and that as a result the immense wound can grow close.

This is also evidence that there is a forest system instead of a forest with individual trees.

We have really forgotten this phenomenon because almost nowhere in Europe the essence tree still has a place where it is completely connected in all its fibers with the complete and fully functioning ecosystem.

Nowhere in Europe do rabbits with some groups of wild cattle, bison, red deer or red wood ants roam from one country through another to the country where they spend the winter. All ecosystems are curbed in fenced areas. The realization that a healthy ecosystem only fully functions when animals can migrate again, such as 1000 years ago, across the continents is growing.

While the call for ecoducts and their construction continues, a wolf still can not migrate relatively safely from Belarus via the Netherlands to southern Spain.The dangers of the motorways are immense and yet nature continues to try.




The wave: 7 peace pigeons fly around the crown

Brooding Tawny Owl in the center of a village in Belgium

You have seen it well … you only see five because two are invisible behind the crown.

The pigeons symbolize a peaceful place, but also as part of the biodiversity that is inextricably linked to a World Tree. We are inspired by observations such as a tawny owl that just breeds in a very old tree in the middle of the market square in a village in Belgium. There are too many discoveries to mention, of animals that live in that old tree in a bustling city center. That tree with its usually hollow trunk and densely leafed crown gives even sufficient shelter in the heart of a village or city.

In this case, a World Tree is a real “stepping stone” for biodiversity. The bustle of a city or village does not have to stand in the way of biodiversity.

Dancing people around the tree
40 people of all ages, all kinds of plumes symbolize 40 generations that protect the tree. Together they make 1000 years of protection.

Thousand is an age for a tree that speaks to the imagination. That age is so immense and seems unimaginable. But if you look around the world it is not that special that a tree is 500-1000 years or older. It is especially special when a tree gets enough underground and above ground space from the surrounding people, and the space in time … to become this.

Yes it is true … a Birch will not soon become 1000 years old. We do not have the reference that it is possible. On a country estate in England, 34 immense oaks stand together. And yes … they have all become so old. We have examples of Linde trees, but especially Taxus or Yewtree spans the crown. Of these, there are many in England, but also in France, of more than 1000 years to ages of 2500 years.

The community is thus the whole of organized protectors of not only the tree but the whole ecotope of which the tree is the central part.

The text
There are two texts that are used interchangeably in the logo. We want to keep it that way

A place for everyone

This is the first slogan of Wereldboom. A world tree is a tree that is always accessible to everyone. Vision is that everyone can fully experience the tree up close. We were once at the Linde of Heede, Northern Germany. Visitors did not want us to approach the tree until it was against the foot of the foot, because people’s access caused damage to the roots. Our vision is that we must take measures if too many visitors hamper the healthy growth of the tree. We did this at ” De spotted Zuiderling ” in Eindhoven. Now it is one of the most coveted wedding locations in the open air of Eindhoven.

Connect people and trees

Old rituals, like an old German tradition to party (to celebrate, dance and play music IN and at) the central Linde in the village, we would like to bring to the attention and revive.

We also want to revive an old use. Harvesting lime blossom to extract tea from it. We will combine this at the Linde of Sambeek with the pruning of the tree to feed the leaves and the branches, just like in the past, to the cattle. Leaf and branches have traditionally been an important food source in the summer, which has a major impact on the health of all animals that now mainly eat grass and corn.

The base of the tree: the roots are inextricably linked to the soil
The soil is the basis for the tree. There the tree largely extracts the nutrients that it needs for photosynthesis and therefore also for healthy growth.

The rule of thumb is that the roots reach a few meters further than the branches. But they can also grow even further if necessary and possible. The most important factors of which the sum determines this are soil type, connection to the groundwater and what the situation is in relation to the ground level. This is the biggest fight for every city tree. In addition to the space with all utilities underground and at ground level, all necessary paving for traffic and pedestrians, there is often limited space left for the tree. With a World Tree, it is a necessity that the ‘small-cycle’ can always take place in an important part of the crown projection.

This means that leaves and branches can digest on the spot, this can also be done with a design that is tight with an extremely well-cared appearance. A healthy soil life is a requirement for a tree to become ancient.