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Do you know a tree which is worth becoming a Worldtree? Sign it on right now!

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Foundation World Tree

Creates beautiful places where a tree can live for 100 years and even reach one thousand years of age

Provides opportunities for deeper connection & interactions between trees and humans

As can be read in the folder *, Foundation World Tree provides places where trees can realise their full potential, the green heart and symbol of a supporting community. In our quest to realise a patrimony of World Trees all over Europe, our next goal is to install a World Tree in every European Country

Therefore we ask for your help

Do you know a tree in your neighbourhood or country that meets the World Tree requirements:

  • Supporting community (may be not at the current moment, but can be achieved);
  • Possibility of creating better growing conditions for the tree by forming a nice tree-ecotope;
  • A tree that needs some TLC – Tree Loving Care.

If you know such a tree, fill in the form and help us to start the first World Tree project in your country and engage a supporting community and local spokesman to speak for the tree…..

How can we cooperate:

  • We can work together to create a partnership between the community and our organisation;
  • Children will be able to learn from hands-on activities in and around the tree;
  • Climbing events in trees in a safe way for trees and children to bring the kids closer to the trees;
  • We can help to improve the habitat around the tree to increase the biodiversity around the tree;
  • Improving the trees immediate surroundings may enable your community to grow a tree for a thousand years;
  • Art, photography & poetry events can be set up for your special community tree.

What will foundation World Tree do in the meantime :

  • Looking for a European fund to realise World Trees all over Europe;

If you have, or are in a position to find financial resources it is possible to start immediately.

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Information of the proposed World Tree

We would enjoy to receive a picture of you together with the tree and some other pictures of the tree



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